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College Transfer Students

At College Planning 101, we thoroughly understand the college transfer process. We use the same Student Positioning Program for our college transfer students as we do for high school students. This program is designed to help students find colleges based on social, academic, and financial compatibility.

Student positioning also helps families qualify for need-based and/or merit money from colleges. The more merit and need-based money your child receives, the less their student loan payments will be upon graduation. We also put students through a personality assessment that guides them towards the career(s) that is best suited for their interests.

The philosophy of “Student Positioning” was developed in response to the rising cost of higher education and the increasing use of enrollment management principles. When students attend colleges that are a social, academic, and financial fit, they are happier AND more likely to graduate on time.
Are you unhappy with your college choice? Are you struggling academically? Are you suffering from a lacking social life? You are not alone! Nearly 20% of college students transfer to another school. We can help show you your options.


As soon as a student voices concern about their college choice, we’re ready to get to work. For our long-distance students we can speak on the phone or video for the initial consultation.

The Student Positioning Process...